Heat Transfer of Metals

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Use the interactive calorimeter below to calculate the Specific Heat Capacity of each metal.
Complete the chart.

Use 50g of each metal at 150C and 100 mL of water for each trial below.

Metal Mass of Metal (g) Initial T of
Metal (C)
Mass of Water (g) Initial T of
Water (C)
Final T of Water
and Metal
Metal X          
Metal Y          


1. Calculate the theoretical equilibrium temperature for each metal.

2. Using the actual equilibrium temperatures to calculate the per cent error of your experimental results.

3. Use your calculated specific heat capacities to determine the identity of the two unknown metals.

Chemical Education Research Group, Iowa State University, Ames IA


Use the specific heat capacity values to identify metals X and Y.

        Metal X is __________

        Metal Y is __________

A piece of brass is heated to 98.7C in a boiling water bath. The brass is quickly transferred to a calorimeter containing 102.76 g of water at 18.5C. The final temperature of the calorimeter and the brass is 23.5C. Calculate the specific heat capacity of the brass.