Cyberganda Advertising

Jeanell Bertels,
Community R-VI Junior-Senior High School
Junior High Quest
(Updated January 2008 S. Mackey)

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Large companies pay big bucks for creative and effective advertising campaigns. Youíre lucky enough to have just been hired by Cyberganda to develop an advertising campaign for one of their new products. Cyberganda would like to see a variety of advertising types and techniques employed to promote their product. Your purpose is to develop an appealing advertisement that generates billions of dollars in sales. This webquest will help you become a more persuasive person as well as help you recognize and manage the influential attempts of others.

It will make you a better consumer. You will be able to spot tricks of advertising and avoid falling into traps set for consumers. One famous trap included the subliminal suggestions during movies that caused movie goers to go to the snack bar even though they were unconscious of seeing the images and werenít even hungry. Effective citizenship requires us to think critically about what we hear, see, and read. Now you can practice how to hear, see, and read propaganda for what it really is.

Learning advice
This looks like a huge undertaking and it is. Donít be overwhelmed. You will have plenty of class time to complete this endeavour. It is intended that you have fun exploring many different advertisement tactics. The best approach to this problem would be to simply divide and conquer!!! Have Fun!!!